Why do we need to disconnect?

this is our space to share experiences

  VARANASI, India Varanasi to me …HE asked me: “So, how is Varanasi? Is it good?” I could not reply if it was good or bad. Varanasi is not good or bad… it just IS. And is not. It IS all and it is None. It just simply is everything. And if you try to describe there’s...

What does it mean to be Spiritual?

what does it mean to be spiritual? A lot of people ask me this question: What does it mean Spirituality or being Spiritual? For me being spiritual doesn’t mean being religious or ultimately believing in God. Means we believe we are Spirit. We are body, mind and (also)...


"Go with the flow", "let go of control..." "don´t get any expectations...."   Everyone seems to talk about this all the time for us to avoid suffering, right? But what does that really mean?The flow in us is like the flow of the water that runs in rivers and goes...

Message from the founder

  Message to all our guests and followers. Nature changes all the time, and so do I. And so do you. Each one of you reading this. Whenever I come to a point of my life where I significantly upgrade into a better version of myself or closer to my true nature, a period...

No wifi connection, just a better kind of connection…

  No wifi connection, just a better kind of connection... Volunteering in the sunny, coastal, nature reserve on the beautiful cliffs above the ice cold water on the southwest of Portugal. One of my favourite weeks abroad so far. The pine trees dance in the wind, the...

Data from our Offliners

  Data from our Offliners Since open in 2016, we have been collecting feedback from our super star guests, regarding the feeling of being offline, the perception of stress levels, and the overall experience so we could strengthen the concept and improve the...

Disconnect holiday experiences

Reconnect holiday experiences

Where do we do this3

Our off-line experiences take place in the Southwest of Portugal near the beautiful town of Aljezur, Tenerife in Canary islands and in India. The workshops can be booked online and they will take place in Lisbon The Offline dinners run once a month and you can reserve your place Here. Our festival will be placed not far from Aljezur in the middle of the beautiful mountains in Monchique. The spiritual guidance sessions are available to current offliners (Ex Offline House guests) and can be done via a Skype call. We believe that the first meeting should be done off-line so join one o four events or experiences and then we can follow you upo n your journey with an online guidance.


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