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An Invitation to have a balanced life at home…


Offline Coaching
Coaching Offline Portugal
Coaching Offline Portugal

“Om” and “Home” is a very “fun” coincidence.

The difference in my wellness when I was living in London and working as an Architect for 11 years, changed dramatically for good when I started to change my habits and routines at HOME.

Creating TIME and SPACE for ourselves with different activities & practices to “recharge” our ENERGY are crucial factors in the times we are living in. By doing so, we create a more balance state of mind and avoiding extreme stress levels, anxiety, depression and burn outs.


Offline Founder- Yoga & Spiritual Teacher


In case you are in a middle of this CRISIS, suffering from Anxiety or Depression or simply struggling on a daily basis, this Offline Day Experience will  make you have a different perspective on HOW you can make a CHANGE for the best.

…With fun, easy and very BASIC TOOLS – we will work together  on new routines & habits at home specially designed for you, where you can have more Time & Space for Yourself and see immediate positive changes in your well-being and HEALTH.

If you are new to Offline this is a good way to Introduce you to
Mindful living .

ONLINE OFFLINE Home experience

Experience for 1 person- 99€

2 hour Reiki/ Chakras alignment session (no touch)– 55€

Home Design “Living in balance” Guidance:

Half day- 88€     Full Day -144



The Home Experience consists on 3 Day challenge followed by a 21 Day Challenge.

Questionaire + Briefing call- FREE Consultation about your current struggle situation.

DAY 1- ONLINE: with Bárbara Guidance via Whatsaap and Phone Calls/explanatory videos.

DAY 2- OFFLINE: Following the Guidance of Day 1

DAY 3- INLINE with ONLINE & OFFLINE Time- Balanced Work/Home Routine, Online and Offline, followed by 21 Day Challenge.


For BUSY people… and…

…For anyone that is in a stage of “burn out”, depressed or anxiety period, looking and OPEN for a CHANGE but don´t know where to start.

If you feel like you need to change something in your LIFE due to this crisis and you want to “find some answers”.

  what will we do during this experience?

Bárbara will guide YOU through this Experience that includes:

Meditation & breathwork exercises, self-expression through Art, Writing & Journaling, Home Design & Feng Shui,  Mindfulness, Dance Self-Expression, introduction to OM, Spiritual & Yoga Guidance specially for YOU.


This is a bespoke service so this is advised to be done individually for better results.


Because we CARE about YOU. Because we have also struggles and learned how to overcome it and find a Balance.

Now is our Duty to share it with You.

Offline Portugal is a movement to live more present and that needs to be integrated in our daily life routine, this way we live in a more balanced state of mind & Lifetstyle. We are most of all, a movement of Awareness & CONNECTION.

 …This way you get new habits of CONNECTION with yourself, taking TIME & SPACE to Reconnect with your BODY & MIND.

Disconnect holiday experiences

Reconnect holiday experiences

Where do we do this3

Our off-line experiences take place in the Southwest of Portugal near the beautiful town of Aljezur, Tenerife in Canary islands and in India. The workshops can be booked online and they will take place in Lisbon The Offline dinners run once a month and you can reserve your place Here. Our festival will be placed not far from Aljezur in the middle of the beautiful mountains in Monchique. The spiritual guidance sessions are available to current offliners (Ex Offline House guests) and can be done via a Skype call. We believe that the first meeting should be done off-line so join one o four events or experiences and then we can follow you upo n your journey with an online guidance.



Barbara Miranda

Bárbara Miranda

Offline Portugal Founder


Architecture Dp., Musician, Artist, Writer, Energy Healer, Spiritual, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

After a long term relationship with Depression & Anxiety, Bárbara found in Yoga & Meditation a solution to Master her Mind, understanding the Body & the Spirit.

She studied Architecture and Music in Lisbon and after 11 years of Corporate Life in London…She escaped to Aljezur and the past 8 years have been dedicated to the Spiritual practice, Personal Development & Teaching.

Her sharings include Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Music, Arts & Writing, Dance, Reiki, Cosmic Energy, Metaphysics & Sacred Geometry.

Hugo Santos

Hugo Santos


“Nova Psicologia”-

Hugo has been developing a new way of Psicotherapy. Depending on your current stage we can recommend to add a 1 to 1 session with him during your Home Experience.

Offline Coaching


What we create inside, shows up outside and vice-versa.

Therefore having an harmonized space will directly benefit your wellbeing but is also important to understand why your house looks the way it does.

After being an Architect for almost 12 years, i am loving to incorporate my knowledge of interiors, space and Feng Shui connecting to the Spiritual and Energetic level necessary to create the perfect space for you to BE in.


Offline Founder- Yoga & Spiritual Teacher


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