Varanasi to me

…HE asked me: “So, how is Varanasi? Is it good?”

I could not reply if it was good or bad.

Varanasi is not good or bad… it just IS. And is not. It IS all and it is None. It just simply is everything. And if you try to describe there’s no word …It is none.

It just means to Be.

We can try to describe it although I am afraid we can only feel it to understand it. To actually BE it also. And that is exactly the point of a place like this. You have to BE there. We just ARE there and we let ourselves BE with it.

In Varanasi there’s no Time or space, nothing to do but at the same time you are overwhelmed from all that you see, feel and sense as you wonder through the hidden streets, the ghats, the traffic, behind and through the people’s hearts that live there- either citizens or visiting to experience it.

There are no places to go to, everything is meant to be seen, felt, smelled, feared, embraced. Not just one particular place to go to. There’s everywhere to go.

There is no good or bad in anything there. There is no right or wrong, no left of right as millions cross the streets walking, running, shouting, beeping, tuk tuks, rickshaws, cows, goats, children, families in scooters, pigs, cow shit, smoke, trash, sewage, pilgrims all in a disorganised organised chaos. It is an organised anarchy that works by itself just like life if we just allow it to BE as it IS. There’s poverty and dirt and shit and there’s joy and peace and life in every single step you make. There’s faith and dust mixed with smiles and tenderness.

The death lives next door to life. Millions over the years come to die in the river Ganges that bathe the city, every day, every hour, 24 hours a day. They become free as they die and we become free as we see it, with the eyes that always avoid the pain of death. As death becomes real to the eyes, life also becomes real, minute over minute, second after second. Priceless, blessed to be alive. Life is not just the body that comes and goes, life is everywhere, we are everywhere just in different concrete physical manifestations. The body goes, the soul stays everywhere in different forms and shapes.

As the 98% fetal matter river Ganges becomes dramatically real to our senses, also becomes real that doesn’t harm the body, instead heals our soul. It becomes real that there’s no such thing as right or wrong, as good or bad, as whole or nothing. Everything is just IS the way we perceive it and want it to be. There are judgements at the first sight and then they vanish quickly as the river flows, as the sun rises and sets, as the wind blows our fears away.

Millions everyday bathe in the sunrise, sunset, anytime, everywhere to experience the blessing of another day, from the Ganges. It is faith, it is tradition, it is blessing, it just simply IS also joy and freedom. It Is Love to the Ganges, it is Love to Gods and Goddesses and Life and Love itself, all together. None of it and all at the same time.

It is a paradox, it is duality, it is and it is not. When you are free from that duality, you just ARE. No mind or thoughts involved, you just Feel it.

Death only exists because there is Life. And we call it Life as we know we will die one day. And we will live again. And again and again…as the sun rises and sets everyday.

Light only it is Light because there is Darkness. Darkness only is darkness because we know the Light. They don’t exist separately. And they are not good or bad. They are just together as they don’t exist without each other.

Limitless for the being, only your mind is limited.

Free from the mind, open to the soul to enjoy the magic of just being. This is what this place taught me and I am learning everyday to Live it.

This is Varanasi, to me.

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