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A lot of people ask me about the feedback from our guests and their experiences so I decided to share some stories now…

Actually, if it wasn’t because of those, I would have probably be gone somewhere else doing something completely different. As much as it seems a paradise life, it has been a roller-coaster to me  – a fun life but also overwhelming.

I have been receiving people from all over the world along with the Offline team for more than 3 years now. All with different backgrounds, different cultures, different shapes, sizes and ages but with one thing in common: in the end they were all a part of myself.

I can revisit some parts of myself in each and every person that passed through the Offline House and this year in our new Farm, during the Offline Experiences. There were some that I connected more so I could “see” more, some less, but no one passes through our life without a reason. In the end, this happens with everyone, but it was incredibly overwhelming to see this happening everyday… in-my-face!

I started this Offline journey back in London because I felt the lack of awareness I had about the whole of my Self. The concept came up as an idea that shaped throughout this time, and still changes everyday, with me, with everyone that join us in this adventure of Connection and Awareness.

Like any other process of self-discovery, this is a very painful journey. We tend to judge, we tend to criticise or be impatience, specially when you deal with more than 20 people a day face-to-face, all the time.

The challenges? Well, It´s hard to keep the mind still all the time, therefore a lot of emotions take over us. It´s like living a lifetime in one day, in 1 week or 1 month. With someone that you just meet, you then have to introduce yourself, meet them, connect them and then say goodbye.

It´s a constant practice of non-attachment, non-judgement and connection …with yourself mainly as we all become mirrors to each other and the Truth that sometimes we don´t want to see, comes to the surface very quickly. And quickly you need to manage those issues, those feelings and then smile again…for another check in.

The best reward I can have is the feedback from the guests whilst they stay with us and after they leave, most of them as friends.

We have seen some quit their jobs. Relationships. Houses. Moved countries, starting sabaticals, started to travel on their own. Leaving old habits, creating new ones- starting to surf, draw, paint, play…! A new world of opportunities was suddenly more clear after some Offline time with us. Some moved to live next to where we were. Some changed careers. Some became Yoga teachers, Reiki Masters, Surf instructors!…

I remember those shy smiles that suddenly out of the blue when nobody is watching and after a couple glasses of red wine- taking the guitar and singing Portuguese fado like in a Fado house. So many hidden talents we witnessed!…

I remember many arriving stressed, angry, grumpy and impatient and leaving smiling, loving, light and spreading little presents to everyone as a sign to say thank you. Thank you for allowing…

I remember someone that just lost his father on New Year’s Eve and we were there to comfort him becoming his family for a few days.

I remember someone tattoed a lotus flower to remember the stay with us and always ask herself “where is my breath?” So she can keep shining.

I remember someone heartbroken came for a week stay with us leaving his girlfriend behind because they just broke up and left us with a note on our guestbook “ I went Offline and I found Love”.

I remember our friend that was fighting against his Dad’s cancer and emailing me back saying that he finally found his inner- strength after being with us and trying Yoga for the first time. He is now practicing Yoga 3 times a week in a studio around his house.

I remember someone being abused messaging me saying she got a camper van and left with her son traveling feeling now happy and free.

So many more, so many changes, so many adventures, so much joy and freedom after acknowledging the pain, accepting and letting it go…Just like with me.

This year, I remember also a guest with breast cancer leaving us for her surgery….and in the end she email us back saying that after the surgery there was no cancer cells in the end- Magic? I believe so. If we all believe and stay open to Connect, that’s when Magic happens.

Otherwise, is pure illusion.

Thank you all that made and still make Offline happening. I am looking forward to see more Magic happening. With you and within me.


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