Feel more, believe more, fly more

You are everything you need

Everything you need is within you. Dancing makes me happy. Scents are wonderful. With a connection comes intimacy. Flowers are beautiful. You let things grow when you want them to prosper. Everything is seasonal. The good things and the bad things shall pass. Friendships are important, they lift you the same way you lift and support them.

The Universe is aware of the bigger picture and it may not necessarily make sense to each of us right now, but we just have to trust the process until the purpose becomes clear. Joining the dots is easier in retrospect. Be authentic. Be true to yourself. Raise your vibration so you can soar, so you can thrive. Choose your boundaries – being selfish is sometimes a good thing. Appreciate the balance between the shade and the sun.

Parents can be wrong and remember to not always tell people what to do. They are on their unique path of realisation, you may suggest but you may not  compel. For good things to be able to come through, you have to let the old out. Declutter. Say what you need to say, do what you need to do. Intent matters. Live bravely. Connect with your higher self. When you close the door to your past, do it gently, do it with love and forgiveness for yourself and for the other person. Take responsibility. Messing up once is a mistake, messing up twice is a choice.

Self love is important. And it doesn’t just include manicures and movies, it means clearing your thoughts, mindfully following your thoughts. Being aware of your body and your instincts. The aim is to be a little less wrong everyday. Summer has its own beauty and winter has its own charm. Events that take place during birth or conception do have long term consequences. Ancestral trauma is a thing. Isolation can be difficult but with the right support group / network it can be overcome. All we need is that one person. Heartbreak can be painful but it doesn’t have to consume us. We must allow for the feelings to flow through us.

We must learn to make the most of what we have at the time, it may not seem enough but that is just an illusion. Dreams do some true. When our hearts are stubborn the universe will have no choice but to conspire to make our wishes come true. There’s no substitute for hard work. You are what you eat.

Breathing is important. Gratitude is always in season. When people say things it is often a reflection of themselves / their insecurities so don’t judge harshly and give lovingly. Death is part of the circle of life. Sometimes we don’t want people to die out of selfishness because we worry for ourselves. But maybe its better for them.

In any case, we come into this world on our own, and we will leave on our own too. Live likes its your last days. Theres beauty in reflection. Courage is a rare gift and being fearful is easy. Signs are real. Stones have history. You always have a choice even when you think you don’t have one. Reading creates empathy. Feel more, believe more, fly more

Just don’t get too close to the Sun.

Anamika Choudhury- Offline guest at the Farm July 2019

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