Allow the flow to go

“Go with the flow”, “let go of control…”

“don´t get any expectations….”


Everyone seems to talk about this all the time for us to avoid suffering, right?

But what does that really mean?
The flow in us is like the flow of the water that runs in rivers and goes along the hills through the stones, under the storms and sunshine- are you with me? Yes!
You are the water and the stones and hills are your life challenges. The sunshine are your “good” emotions and the storms your “bad”emotions.
The water runs its flow, no matter what happens.
Your true nature also needs you to have your flow: with the sunshine but also the storms. Because even the storms come and go.

This is how we work: like the water, the trees or the waves.
Allowing our storms is to feel them as much as we do the sunshine. The mind is the human beings “bad guy”  that blocks us to feel those “negative emotions”. Human beings don´t like to be sad, guilty or blame because of our mind. We need to stop that “bad guy” and move to the next level of the game- the so called other level of consciousness and feel also those “negative” emotions. In the end of the day, theres no good or bad, negative or positive. They are all part of you.

After you feel them, they will pass and you pass to the next level. There you will get your bonus, the reward- the so called “things that you were not expecting” or in other words “magic”:)
Instructions to Stop your mind- the “bad guy” and reach the next level:
go offline, switch off every electronic device and go to a quiet place.
– sit, close your eyes and breathe.
– fell whatever comes up. Cry, laugh, scream, do whatever you want and feel. Let it go away. Nothing stays forever- neither the storms or your suffering .
– open your eyes and see how you feel.
– practice this everyday and see magic happening.

You have re-connected to your true nature, you won the game and the reward will be manifested in your reality.
This is what Disconnect to Reconnect means.

Share with me your experiences. I want to know your magic happening.

Love and Blessings,

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