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Offline Dinners
Offline Dinners
Offline Dinners
Offline Dinners

Offline week POP-UP in TENERIFE

23-30 November 2019

The Offline team goes to Tenerife for 1 week to Disconnect.

It will be a week in the amazing community of Twin-Fin Surf Camp with Surf, Yoga, sharing circles & talks, Sacred Geometry,Music meditation and Art Workshops. Join us in sunny November in the Canary Islands.

What´s included:

– 7 night accommodation either in shared or private room
2 Surf classes
– 1 opening sharing circle with music and dance
-Debate about the Offline Concept- the importance to Disconnect from our devices
– 4 yoga classes
1 morning chanting & Mandala meditation
1 Yoga Nidra class with live music
– closing circle and sharing thoughts
– 1 Sacred Geometry workshop with Offline Portugal Founder, Bárbara- Discover the patterns of the Universe and how to relate it to your spiritual and Yoga practice- everyone will be drawing mandalas and understand what we are made of and how our consciousness expands in different dimensions.
– 1 afternoon of Art Workshop with Eviatar -expressing yourself through Art & Macrame
— 3 meals

Shared Room- from 490€ per person all inc.

Private Room- from 560€ per person all inc.

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Offline Dinners
Offline Dinners
Offline Dinners
Offline Dinners
Offline Dinners
Offline Dinners

 – SACRED GEOMETRY – The Architecture of Realities

Body, Mind & Spirit Co-creation retreat with Offline and In2infinity

3-8 October 2020

Mind, Body, Spirit- The Power of Manifestationideal to deepen your Spiritual and Yoga practice

This amazing 5-day retreat in October at the Offline Farm is your chance to develop a clear understanding of Sacred Geometry, intensify your Yoga practice and meditate upon Mandalas to enhance your mind, empower your intentions and transform the way you approach life.

A time to enjoy the natural surroundings, the laid back atmosphere of the farm, great people, music, dance, surfing and simply to give yourself the chance to think about the bigger picture.

What´s Included:
– 5 night Accommodation on the farmhouse in our beautiful land
– 3x vegetarian meals a day- gluten free option
– 3x Sacred Geometry day courses
– 3x Yoga classes
– 3x Mandala Meditations
– ecstatic dance

– breathwork

– Live music & mantra singing
– inspirational talks, mind mapping


About Sacred Geometry:
Uncover the secrets encoded in some of the most recognizable images found throughout India. Just with a drawing compass and ruler, we will explore the fundamental principles of consciousness and present tools to unlock your full potential.

Super exciting Content:

> Learn how to draw wonderful Mandalas
> Understand the significance of Hindu symbolism
> Discover the Dharma Wheel and Karma
> Explore the Science of Light
> Empower your everyday life through Sacred Geometry

In 2 Infinity: Our metaphysical Learning method

We present a bridge between the spiritual and the scientific through the Art of Sacred Geometry. From the concepts of Karma, Reincarnation, and the Afterlife, to the Science of Light, Atoms, Energy and the Cosmos, all can be linked into visually compelling and easily comprehensible geometric models that are fun to draw and suitable for all ages.


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Offline Dinners

Offline Dinners

What happens offline stays offline. Disclosed location revealed on the day by sms. Pre-reserve your spot and be surprised by the impact-venue we choose, the dynamic and entertainment. Vegetarian option always available. We promote sustainability…!

Offline Yoga

Offline Workshops – Lisbon

In Lisbon. As some of our followers are Lisbon based we decided to also create Offline Workshops in Lisbon with Yoga, Meditation and various subject workshop related to Wellbeing. Will be a morning/afternoon event of 4 hours with a sharing lunch – how does that sound!?

Offline Talks

Offline TALKS/ TEAM BUILDING/ Inspiring sessions

Book your inspiring talk in your company, school, home…wherever you would like to be inspired to Disconnect and Reconnect .

Our Founder Bárbara Miranda can present in your company, school, co-working space to talk about the Offline Concept, the benefits of Disconnecting and to advise on how to use our devices on a more moderate/healthy way. These workshops/talks can be extremely beneficial for team building, cooperation between colleagues and students and working places. Please email us for a quote or a bespoke workshop according to your needs.

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Disconnect holiday experiences

Reconnect holiday experiences

Where do we do this3

Our off-line experiences take place in the Southwest of Portugal near the beautiful town of Aljezur, Tenerife in Canary islands and in India. The workshops can be booked online and they will take place in Lisbon The Offline dinners run once a month and you can reserve your place Here. Our festival will be placed not far from Aljezur in the middle of the beautiful mountains in Monchique. The spiritual guidance sessions are available to current offliners (Ex Offline House guests) and can be done via a Skype call. We believe that the first meeting should be done off-line so join one o four events or experiences and then we can follow you upo n your journey with an online guidance.


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