Pés na terra.

This is for all the spiritual teachers out there that have businesses and everyone that escaped the city to live in Nature….(And also to a lot of my friends that I lost contact with whilst I put all my energy for the past 3 years in Offline.)

Because let’s face it. Unless you are completely sustainable you are still part of the system, or at least depending on it in some way. Let’s not be hypocrite.

For example myself, as much as I reduced my consumerism for at least 75% of what I used to back living in London and lower my income to as low as my basic needs are covered, I still need money. Because I have a project called Offline that needs money to run. Hence it’s a business- argh!

What I want to say with this is. The duality between living an “Offline” project and the need to be grounded in the system we all depend on still is an issue for me. Either we want to admit it or not- specially the ones escaping from the cities but still working remotely and still acting with an egocentric mind set. Not judging- I have been there- it´s a fact.
Living in community is my goal. I am not aiming to be like a hippie that doesn’t belong anywhere apart from the land they live in. This is where my struggle is.

I have been 3 years living in the middle of nowhere in SW Portugal called “paradise” after 6 years in crazy London. There´s no such thing as paradise in life, my friends. I went from one extreme to the other and now with the 4th year of offline I would like to make it more balanced. Go to the city more, understand “that world” again, to integrate it back in Nature.

Offline is not a “digital detox” that you come for a “bubble of awareness” like a juice detox and then go back to London or Berlin and get yourself wasted in a pub for 6 hours.

My goal is to be living in nature as I love to, and being as much sustainable as I can but still be part of the bigger picture of the world we live in. This way making a change. To all of you that visit us.
Integrating it, not separating. We are all One.

Because my friends, “no man is an island” and if you are living on a “paradise bubble” then look around and check if you are not lonely instead.

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