Inside Out

to all my architecture friends…and the others also.

In my other life I used to create spaces out there in the cities:  houses, office spaces, public spaces, regeneration spaces. Or at least I did try.

Today I prefer to create space inside. And then turn the space Inside Out. I try to create space in me for more forgiveness, for more cooperation, more compassion, less judgement or fear. Creating space for more Love and less Hatred. It´s a full day and very intense job, but it is my favorite one.

And saying this I am enjoying my ass off working on creating the new Offline Space at our Farm with my soul family Evi, Fin, Celine & Jay.

Don´t get me wrong. The outside just reflects the inside. And finally I am creating the space I can be in.

Enjoy your space, my friends. When it´s work in progress and when is finished.

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