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Why do we need to Disconnect?

When was the last time you spent a week without your phone? Ever? That’s it. This is why we do it.

Offline is not just leaving the phone in a locker for 1 week. These days we live in, leaving your phone behind means leaving your comfort zone.

Well, what is our comfort zone then? It’s everything that your mind is used to – your babits, your routine, everything that is familiar to you.


Everyday our mind gets different information: From work, relationships, Family, travels, News, social media and so on.

Turns out that most of the information our subconsicous mind carries in is driven by the EGO – which is sort of a software that is run actually by others, not exactly what you ARE. The Ego is whatever is driven by what other people expect from you, or what is supposed to be known as “normal”  .

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Disconnect to Relax

The unconscious usage of our Internet devices affects you on a social, professional but most of all on your own personal level related to our Mental Health.

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The constant rhythm that we live these days and by that I mean not only the working hours but also the restless minds we have gets our body full of “virus”, things that we don’t really identify with but it’s there because we grew up WITH THOSE IMPUTS. The only way we can reset the “computer” is BY STOPPING. DISCONNECTING.

That is what we promote, for you to stop, breathe and give your mind a “reset”. The same way you train your body for a marathon, you also need to train your mind to actually STOP.

In our point of view, the smartphone, it’s one of the biggest distractors of our mind taking away your freedom to actually do what you want, anywhere, anytime. It takes away your attention and awareness to be fully present in any situation, anywhere, anytime. It takes away that PEACE OF MIND.

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Stressed Woman
Disconnect to Relax

Want to know more about the Offline concept?

Click here for Bárbara´s interview in Vera Kolodzig podcast (Portuguese)

Disconnect to Relax




Collin & Heike are our friends that work with the mission to teach you the new blueprint of the Universe tbrough the Art of Sacred Geometry

Aljezur Life

Aljezur life

Aljezur guide has a wide range of with info about retreats, events, workshops and much more happening in Aljezur !

Aljezur Life

Everything is one

This is the beautiful website of our Farm hosts Evi & Fin where you can discover their passion for traveling and arts!

Think Trigg

Twin Fin

Have you ever been in Tenerife? Well we are going to be at Twin Fin surf camp in November 2019 running an Offline Expereince there 🙂

Think Trigg

Hashtag Bikes

Nick is the Founder of Hashtag bikes in Aljezur and he will be at the Farm in all Offline Experiences so you have a bike to wonder around 🙂

Think Trigg


ThinkTRigg is a team that help you organise your mind to make you as proficient and mindful on your daily routine…Helps the mind to slow 🙂

Think Trigg

Arrifana Surf School

ARrifana Surf School has the best team and vibes that will take you on a Surf journey with professionalism but also a looooottt of good vibes!


Tips on how to manage your time

5 tips for your offline time and how to manage your online…”slow down your mind”

Disconnect holiday experiences

Reconnect holiday experiences

Where do we do this3

Our off-line experiences take place in the Southwest of Portugal near the beautiful town of Aljezur, Tenerife in Canary islands and in India. The workshops can be booked online and they will take place in Lisbon The Offline dinners run once a month and you can reserve your place Here. Our festival will be placed not far from Aljezur in the middle of the beautiful mountains in Monchique. The spiritual guidance sessions are available to current offliners (Ex Offline House guests) and can be done via a Skype call. We believe that the first meeting should be done off-line so join one o four events or experiences and then we can follow you upo n your journey with an online guidance.


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Try to put your phone in silent mode so that you can control its usage instead of your phone controlling your Space and Time. The priority is always you- the others come after.

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Try to put your phone in airplane mode 1 hour before going to sleep and turn it on just after breakfast. This way you guarantee a peaceful sleep without interruptions. Remember: You are your first priority.. Create a new routine for your bed time and wake up time where your brain needs to slow down and wake up slowly.

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Turn off notifications of Social Media specially Whatsaapp groups. Try to Leave only absolutely necessary ones. This avoids you spend overtime on Social Media when you can spend it in a more productive way.

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Turn off "last seen" option in Whatsapp. One of the most common problems in relationships is the invasion of our Privacy and the immense control of the Natural Flow. You have the right to decide when you wish to Create Space and Time for your loved ones or work related.

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Try to set up a Time to check your emails on your phone. Avoid times between 9pm-9am this way your resting/sleeping time is safe from work stress issues on a subconscious level.

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