What does self love mean? 

A lot has been written and talked in this new Age Era about SELF-LOVE.

What is SELF-LOVE for me?

Well, first of all is neither being Selfish or neither Ego-centric. Doesn’t mean also that we are Depressed or are having lack of self-esteem. It can be, but not only.

Self-love most of all is taking care of your own energy. The energy of our body and the spirit one. In and around your body, our energy field or also called Aura, or Torus field. Setting up boundaries for ourselves.

It´s like our phones- if we don’t charge the battery, it dies, doesn’t work- Puff!

Another common saying is that “if we do not love ourselves first, we cannot love unconditionally the ones around us”. If we don’t have Energy, how can you give to your beloved ones? If we don’t have Energy, first of all, we will need that it from an External source- this sense of Comfort, The h”OM”e feeling will be our source of Happiness, because we don’t look for it IN-side. That sense of comfort can be found on food, relationships, addictions and we can also judge or blame ineffectively our jobs, house, place to live, etc. we point OUT our root of our own unhappiness instead of looking IN for it.

From July on, we are focusing our Offline Experiences on the theme of Self-love.

How do you do that?

Our Yoga classes will be a lot more focus on the energy shifts of the body- compress & de-compress, and a lot of tantric exercises during the practices for self-awareness

1 to 1 Coaching session with Cristian- Get yourself some key questions about your Life.

1 to 1 Spiritual Guidance /Reiki with Bárbara or António- align your Chakras, increase the frequency of your body and understand what your body is telling you

Cacao Cerimony – Embrace the super Powers of Cacao for an heart opening Experience lead by the Offline team in our land.

Sacred Geometry Workshop- Discover the hidden secrets of the Universe patterns through the Art of Sacred Geometry to better understand where you come from.

Surf- Face your own fears in the Ocean whilst you also have some fun!

Arts & Crafts workshop- Be creative and mindful practicing Macrame or exploring materials from the Nature.

Well we can help guiding but in the end the work is yours.

That’s when MAGIC happens.

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