what does it mean to be spiritual?

A lot of people ask me this question: What does it mean Spirituality or being Spiritual?

For me being spiritual doesn’t mean being religious or ultimately believing in God. Means we believe we are Spirit.

We are body, mind and (also) spirit. That’s what means being Spiritual to me.

The Spirit is something that the mind doesn’t have access to.

The knowledge we acquire is through a learning process (i.e through books, lessons, graduations, talks, etc) where the mind is an essential tool. On the other hand, is also fundamentally truth that Science knows very little about the nature of the mind and how our brain actually works 100%.

When we think we use our knowledge, we use our mind.

When we feel we have access to the spirit and the heart- that component of ourselves that the mind can’t explain.

Knowledge comes from the mind and the wisdom come from experiencing the Spirit.

Feeling as opposed to thinking.

When you (just) FEEL you have access to your own spirit- a safe place where you can just BE yourSELF. No judgements, no fears : All embraced by your own Self-Love, within your Heart.

After all we are human beings and not human doings.

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