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Surf, Yoga, Music, Arts & Crafts: Connection

“What do you do at the Farm then? How are the Offline Experiences?”

A looooot of people ask us this question. As if you have to do a LOT to enjoy our time…It´s a tricky question, we do many things but we also just ARE no matter what we are DOING.

For the curious and more mind-focused this is what we love to and share with you:

SURFING: Surfing allows us to connect with the nature in one of the most powerful ways: through the Ocean. You can´t fight the waves, either you go with the flow or you will suffer. A brilliant training for LIFE. We partner up with Arrifana Surf School for Surf lessons but if you are a surfer already you can just come surfing with our staff team, we all love it and surf equipment is available with us.

YOGA: Oh….we are not all super flexible, no…We love to practice Yoga to stretch the body and build up our ENERGY but mostly to Calm down our MIND. Through meditation & awareness exercises we do our practices and sharing circles in our Yoga deck facing a stunning view of the Monchique hilss…..ah….! Bárbara is our Yoga Spiritual Guide. We are all teachers here. We are in fact all Guides, but she takes the innciative, let´s say.

MUSIC: We have our lounge full of musical instruments. We love to gather together to play songs or simply just experimenting making sounds and connect together through music. We are not professionals but we don´t care. Everyone always end up playing or even just singing. …it feeds the soul!

ARTS & CRAFTS: Evi, Fien and Jay- ourin-house Artits lead regular workshops on donation basis at the Farm for our guests and for everyone that would like to visit us. ARt therapy through paiting, Macramé or walking in the nature and finding natural elements to paint and create from! We never throw anything away- we make Art from the waste we find.


We work with Professionals in Psicology and Alternative Holistic practices such as Aura reading, Reiki or Massage treatments. Elsa, Hugo, Cristian or Karuna are some of our friends that come and help you on your healing journey.

We have a strong belief in Cooperation and Community. We work, we play, we live Together respecting each others needs and space.

Together we Connect.

We invite you to Disconnect and Re-Connect with us.

Much love,

The Offline team.

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